Healing With Hypnosis

For the layman, hypnotherapy is a technique that difficult to understand. To complicate matters, hypnotherapy means different things to different people and can take multiple forms. Most of us understand that a hypnotic state differs from being asleep or awake, but how it is different is not very clear.

Heightened State

Some describe hypnosis as a heightened state of attention during deep relaxation. There is also a concurrent state of open-mindedness and a willingness to take suggestions. This state of mind is not dissimilar to allowing yourself to become completely engrossed in a movie or novel, so that the scenes and characters become real to you.

For the purpose of hypnotherapy, several techniques are available to bring on the hypnotic state and this can be done in conjunction with a hypnotherapist or after a bit of tutoring and practice, by self-hypnosis, as well. The most well-known of all approaches to inducing the hypnotic state is the swinging watch that is gazed at by the subject while he is told to fall asleep. This dated technique is not longer in common use.

Mental Misdirection

Mental misdirection is sometimes used to induce a hypnotic state. This is not unlike a suspense movie in which the viewer is made to think that the story will move in one direction when in actuality, it moves in a different direction altogether. Sometimes deliberate mental confusion is useful in bringing about the hypnotic state. No matter the technique used, the effect is the same; the hypnotized person becomes willing to accept any and all suggestions.

At this point, the hypnotherapist can make suggestions which will bring about a therapeutic benefit. A simple example of this is a suggestion that takes the form: "You are now relaxing the muscles in your legs and you will keep them relaxed."

Three studies performed on a total of 180 genital wart sufferers found that the use of hypnosis caused warts to disappear to a greater effect than no treatment at all, placebo treatment, and in one study, treatment with salicylic acid. A study that may have bearing on these findings found that fake treatment involving x-ray machines caused pediatric warts to vanish.

Recognized Treatment

By now, hypnosis has come to be regarded as a recognized treatment for genital warts. A regimen of twice weekly hypnosis sessions can make the warts clear up within 6 weeks. The power of suggestion as a healing factor can be understood by the fact that warts often clear up with no treatment at all, as if the body had gotten fed up and mounted its own immune response to take care of the problem. In one documented case, hypnosis was found to be superior to fake salicylic acid treatment, proving the power of suggestion over the power of placebo treatment.