More On Kunecatechins

Veregen By Any Other Name...

Kunecatechins, pronounced-koo ne KAT e kins-is the generic name of a recently released herbal product which is made from green tea leaves and is used to treat external genital and anal warts in adults. The product is marketed under the name Veregen and is available in the US. This product will not cure warts and it won't help with the spreading of HPV, the cause of genital warts, but it is useful for the treatment of warts caused as a result of HPV on an individual. There are also other things Veregen is useful for, which you can learn about by reading the information about the product.

There Are A Few Things To Consider

When a person decides to use this product to address the issue of genital warts on their person, then there are a few things they should be aware of before usage. First of all, as mentioned above, this product will not prevent the spreading of HPV warts to others nor will it permanently cure the warts on the person using the product. It is important to continue usage of the product until the warts are cleared; however, the producers recommend that it not be used for longer than 16 weeks without the advice of a doctor.

There are a few things which are important to communicate to the health care provider before using kunecatechins as a means of healing genital warts. If you are allergic to green tea, this is not for you because the base of the product is green tea leaves. If you have HIV or AIDS or a weak immune system (whether from chemotherapy, steroids or radiation treatments), you may not be able to use the product successfully and may need to have the dosage adjusted to accommodate your condition.

Don't Walk Blindly, Be Informed

There are several cautions attached to the usage of kunecatechins, or Veregen, and it is most important that your physician be involved in the treatment process before you embark on it. For instance, this product has serious implications for unborn babies and will affect pregnant women when taken. Also, there are side effects to be considered, especially in the area of allergic reactions. Such things as hives, difficulty in breathing, and swelling in the face, lips, tongue, or throat may require an immediate intervention by a medical professional. Other side effects include: serious redness, burning or itching of the skin that has been treated with the product; swelling, blisters, sores, or changes in the skin where it has been administered; hardening of the skin or bleeding in area treated. If the reactions are mild and tolerable, then advise the physician but continue the treatment.

And, Don't Forget To Stay In Communication With The Doctor

There are also drug related issues which can alter the program and your doctor needs to know what you have been using in terms of medication for the treatment of genital warts. This product may conflict with the product which has been used and, in turn, create side effects.

Research, medicine and science are constantly moving forward in a bid to heal and relieve illness. It is sometimes a difficult thing to manage all of the effects and alternate side-effects of new medications and products on the market. Whenever you are about to being a new regimen or program, involve your primary physician and be sure to take care to avoid conflict in medications and protocols.