Genital Warts Prognosis

If you have genital warts, you have HPV. Because HPV is a virus that never leaves your system, there is no cure for you vaginal warts or other types of genital warts. The cause of your warts - HPV - will always be present.

That being said, you genital warts can still be treated. There are several medical and homeopathic removal options available, and you should also be aware of home care for your warts. Some genital warts even go away on their own, without treatment, although this can take a long time.

Just remember that in treating your warts, you are by no means curing them. You are only removing the outward symptoms of the HPV virus - not eradicating it.


Recurrence of Warts

Recurrence is always a possibility with genital warts since the HPV causing them remains in your system. There is no way of predicting whether genital warts will reappear once they've been removed, and there is no way to tell how many recurrences are possible. Everyone's immune response is different, and individuals may react to the virus in varying ways. So while one person may have many recurrences of genital warts, another may have one occurrence and never see them again.

Even if you don't have genital warts currently, if you have had them before you can still infect sexual partners with HPV. For this reason, you should continue to wear a condom every time you have sex. Unfortunately, condoms are less protective against HPV as they are against other STDs since they don't inhibit all skin-to-skin contact during intercourse. Talk to your sexual partner about a possible risk of HPV.