Craig Thinks That Lucy's Hiding Something.

Lucy has been dating Craig for several months, but hasn't had the guts to tell him she has a sexually transmitted disease (STD) called HPV. She's made excuses to prevent intimacy so that Craig would not be in danger of contracting the disease, but Craig is getting impatient. The truth is that Craig is beginning to think that Lucy's behavior indicates that she's hiding something.

Even Virginal Sex Is Off-Limits Without Informed Consent

Lucy's doctor has made it clear to her that HPV is contagious even through genital rubbing and oral sex. So, even the type of virginal sex that a single girl might feel is safe is off-limits without at least informed consent from her partner. Lucy's doctor has also made it clear that even a condom is not a 100% guarantee against her partner contracting the disease.

There's a fine balance between growing trust and mistrust. After all these months, Lucy has some idea of whether or not Craig is in the relationship to stay, no matter what. And Craig is able to see that Lucy is hiding something. It's time for Lucy to tell Craig she has HPV.

 How To Tell Your Partner?

What's the best way to broach the subject? It seems that it's best to air the topic in a casual setting. Some women with HPV found it easiest to tell their partners during a walk on the beach, or while walking the dog. That means that there's no eye contact to make you nervous, and there's not so much emphasis on the importance of the topic making you lose your nerve and give up before you begin.

When Craig arrives at Lucy's apartment, she tells him she needs to walk her dog, Buddy, and asks Craig to accompany them. During the walk, she takes a deep breath and plunges into the subject. "Craig, you might have noticed that I have avoided physical intimacy with you all this time."

"Uh, Yuh. I have. Actually."

"Okay. Craig, I have an STD called HPV. It almost never causes any symptoms in men, but they can pass it on to women, and women can get warts and sometimes cancer from it. I was afraid to tell you, and I didn't want to risk your catching it from me."

Craig took a deep breath and then enfolded Lucy in his arms. His face buried in her neck, he whispered, "Let's talk."

With the truth out Lucy could breath a deep sigh of relief.