Veregen-Effective Botanical For Warts

A new product has recently been released in the US which is the first and only botanical to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is called kunecatchins and is marketed under the name Veregen. It is a topical treatment for genital warts which has been derived from green tea.

The Chinese Had The Secret For Centuries

Green tea is a popular and common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used as such for centuries. It has myriad uses including control of blood sugar, it aids in digestion and it also promotes healing of wounds. The reason it is so effective in healing is because of a group of substances called polyphenols and Veregen is a concentrated form of the most important tea phenols-catechins.

The Most Common STD

Herpes Papilloma Virus or HPV is a sexually transmitted virus which, once contracted, remains in the body forever. Evidence of its presence can be the manifestation of genital warts, or venereal warts as they are sometimes called. Genital warts are extremely contagious and spread quickly through contact with an infected person. In the United States, it is estimated that about one percent of sexually active people between the ages of 18 and 45 have genital warts. Furthermore, studies have indicated that the virus is carried by about 40 percent of sexually active adults.

There's No Shortage Of Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatments available for genital warts and though they may address the situation, usually the warts will reappear in another place within a period of time. HPV infects large areas of genital skin and even though the warts may not appear, the virus is still active and recurrence is common. Cytodestructive therapies such as burning or freezing the warts off can be painful and cause scarring. Along with that, the recurrence rate is between 20 to 90 percent. Chemical topical creams have a better record with imiquimod chemical stacking up with a recurrence rate of between 13 to 20 percent.

Mother Nature Stacks Up Against The Pharmaceuticals

Prior to its release, Veregen was tested and found to be at least as effective as other topical creams against warts. It also seems that Veregen has the lowest recurrence rate of currently used therapies, at six to seven percent. For people who want to steer away from conventional medications, this could be the answer.

So, what makes this product work so well? The catechins found in green tea are powerful antioxidants which not only fight disease, but they stimulate the immune system to fight against HPV virus in the body. The double barrel effect of this cream is that it boosts the body's natural defense mechanisms to attack the virus in the warts and the HPV found in the skin as well.

It is very exciting to have a natural product that is proven effective receive the stamp of approval from the FDA. The best part is that it is as good as or better than pharmaceuticals at treating vaginal warts.