Genital Warts Treatment

Getting Treatment

There is no cure for genital warts. This means that the virus that causes them, HPV, stays in your system forever. HPV can cause vaginal warts to appear on your genital area at any time. However, with treatment, the warts can be controlled.  You may need to try more than one kind of treatment until your find the right one for your outbreak of genital warts.  You should also be aware that some treatments should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Before beginning any genital wart treatment regime you should always consult with a healthcare professional and get all of the medical advice you need to safely and accurately rid yourself of genital warts.

Types of Treatments

Over the years, a number of methods have been used to treat genital warts. These have ranged from extreme surgical measures to relatively noninvasive procedures. The type of treatment that works best is usually determined by the severity of the warts, but you can talk to your doctor about the several options that are available today.  Medical treatment for genital warts comes in many forms such as topical medications which are applied directly to the stubborn warts,  interferon, an antiviral shot applied directly to your genital warts, and surgery, which will remove warts that will not or cannot be gotten rid of by other treatments.  There are also many holistic treatments available on the market today and many options for home care for genital warts.  Find out about your options for ridding yourself of genital warts.

Get more information about these general treatments and about the many treatment regimens you many have to maintain in order to banish your outbreak of genital warts.